Find out why businesses of all sizes are making the switch to solar.

Although many people think of the environmental benefits of going solar, there are a variety of other ways that solar can serve you and your business. From saving on operating costs to creating a sense of employee and customer pride, companies of all sizes are going solar for a range of reasons.  

Solar power is becoming cheaper. 

Many companies are taking advantage of decreasing solar costs. 89% of Ikea’s U.S. locations are solar-powered and its network spans 20 states. They’ve been able to do so because of the reduction in costs of solar installations. 

Energy costs keep increasing. 

Commercial electricity rates have risen 45% over the past 17 years, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration. Those rates are expected to continue to increase. Combine that with the fact that the cost of solar is decreasing, and it’s clear why going solar makes financial sense. 

Going solar fits into environmental initiatives. 

Whole Foods Market lists “environmental stewardship” as one their key values. As of 2018, Whole Foods had 60 stores and facilities supplementing traditional supply with power from rooftop solar installations. The company also has robust recycling, composting, and waste reduction programs at its stores. 

Employees feel a sense of pride. 

Research has shown that a company’s reputation and brand is important to employees. By going solar, businesses prove just how dedicated to protecting the environment they really are. Employees who feel their employer’s values align with their own are happier. 

Customers support going solar. 

Target, which added over 40 MW of solar capacity to its portfolio in 2017, has found that going solar benefits the environment and their bottom line, which keeps customers and shareholders satisfied.

It’s easy to see why so many companies are making the switch to solar.

From doing their part to reduce their environmental impact to using solar to reach sustainability goals, installing solar can go a long way to making a difference for your company.  

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