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When Jesse Crupper, an architect who specializes in sustainable design, purchased a fixer-upper in the Volker Neighborhood of Kansas City, solar was one of the first things on his mind.

“When we realized we were going to be doing a gut rehab, solar came to the top of the list,” Crupper said. “Solar is something that is going to pay for itself, so we though we might as well start from the beginning.”

Jesse’s home has a 5.6 kilowatt system, meaning it should cover 80–90% of his family’s electricity usage. Even with Jesse’s experience in architecture, he learned a lot along the way.

Top Learnings from Jesse:

  1. If purchasing a home, consider prioritizing installing solar soon after signing that mortgage. You will see your solar installation pay for itself over time.
  2. Expect to build in a lot of time into dealing with the permitting process and city regulations. Because cities are still working out an approval process for solar installations, Jesse said he made four or five trips to the city before finally getting the proper permitting and licensing.
  3. There are many reasons to go solar, and chances are, one of those benefits will resonate with you. For Jesse, going solar gave his family financial freedom, as well as the ability to be less dependent on fossil fuels.

The Cruppers moved in just a few months ago, and they are excited to spend many years in their home, watching their daughters grow under their new solar roof.

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