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Jeanette Metzler has been interested in decreasing her impact on the environment, but it wasn’t until she went to an event where speakers were talking about the impacts of global warming and the technology that was currently available that she started giving the idea of going solar at home some thought.

Jeanette now has a 30 panel solar panel system installed on her home, which provides 8.7 kilowatts. The goal for the project was to be net zero, and she’s come very close to achieving that.

In the past 27 months, they’ve had 5 months where they’ve had to use KCP&L energy. However, most months she just has to pay the $10 usage fee, which is a break from what she was using previously (between $100-$300 a month on electricity costs).

Top Learnings from Jeanette

  1. Be prepared for the sometimes unpredictable nature of the approval process. Jeanette said her installers warned her about the length of the approval process. He solar panel installation was approved in October, they were installed in December, and by March, they were up and running.
  2. Talk about your solar installation with your friends! Jeanette is optimistic about the future of solar. “Once the word gets out and people can see how it works and how easy it is, and the cost savings that go along with it, I really think solar is going to take off,” Jeanette says. “I look for every opportunity to slip it into a conversation.”

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