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Not only did Brandon Richman buy a house when he was living in South Africa, he also had solar installed.

Richman works in the energy industry and has experience working on solar projects. When he was living in South Africa working on an energy project, he bought the house online.

He interviewed a couple of different installers, until he landed on an installer he was comfortable with. He says they took care of everything and made it fairly painless, including filing paperwork with Kansas City Power & Light.

Top Learnings from Brandon

  1. Energy credits are your best friend. “We had the system installed in May and we didn’t move in until September. So we had a bunch of credits and we even had negative bills a couple months.”
  2. Don’t let expiring rebate programs make you think it’s not a good time to go solar. His home has a 4 kilowatt installation, which offsets 40–50% of his electricity bill. Brandon says that a lot of the impetus for going solar was the financial rewards, especially when it came to the federal and local tax credits. Even though some of those are expiring, Rodgers says, “In the past 8–10 years, cost of solar has gone down so much, so I don’t think there’s any stopping it.”

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