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Kathy Rodgers heard about going solar at church.

A few of friends at her church had installed solar on their homes, and Kathy, who was already interesting in conserving resources, was curious what it would take to go solar at home.

Rodgers, who lives in the Brookside neighborhood of Kansas City, now 20 panels on her home, which produces 5.6 kilowatts.

On average, she says she’s spending between $20 and $30 a month on energy costs.

Top Learning from Kathy

Don’t be discouraged if your project is initially turned down. While the process to install solar was fairly seamless, the main hurdle was getting approval from Kansas City Power & Light. When she initially applied, she was turned down and she had to do an appeal process. “I needed to install a bigger circuit breaker (which is common in other homes, but wasn’t in mine),” Rodgers says.

Rodgers says she has started to see more and more homes in the neighborhood adopting solar. “I’m hopefully that solar is the wave of the future,” Rodgers says. “After all, the sun is going to be there forever.

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