Are solar panels durable enough to endure the force of strong winds of spring storms?

Many Midwestern homeowners often ask us at Solarhood if solar panels are strong enough to withstand a tornado. Many are often surprised at the answers we give them.

Solar panels are built to withstand strong winds.

Most solar installations are designed to withstand winds of at least 140 miles per hour (the average wind speed of tornadoes is between 40–100 mph). Many municipalities across the country actually have minimum strength requirements. For example, in Florida, solar panels must be built to withstand winds of 160 mph.

Solar panels don’t ‘weaken’ your roof.

Solar panels will not negatively impact the strength of a roof or make it more vulnerable to damage. Installers will check your rafters to ensure there is a proper support for a solar system. Once installed, the solar array will actually block harmful UV rays hitting your roof where it has been installed. This will help to extend your roof’s life! However, if the roof is already at a point of needing repair or is damaged, then you will want to replace it before going solar.

You solar installation will not work if the grid does down.

If power goes out, then your solar installation will not be operational. This is for safety reasons. It would be very dangerous to have a solar installation producing energy back to the grid when utility companies may be out repairing lines.

Your insurance policy may cover damage to a solar installation.

In the rare instance of damage to your solar panel, your home insurance policy may cover the cost of repairs or replacement. Check your policy for more details, but it’s a good idea to take photos of your installation to create a good inventory for any insurance claims if you do experience damage.