Everyday we help business owners go solar, and one thing that is clear is that renewable energy is a valuable investment. It can provide a great competitive advantage to any organization looking to achieve sustainability goals and you’ll also save on operational costs.

We’re creating this guide to help business owners like you understand a little more about renewable energy, the solar panel installation process, and Black & Veatch offerings that make it easy for businesses of all sizes to go solar.  

Who is this guide for?  

We’ve had countless conversations with homeowners and business owners across the country and a common theme is that going solar is a daunting task. Plus, when you’re managing the day-to-day operations of a company, balancing budgets, and working toward long-term goals, implementing solar may be the last thing on your mind. That’s why we’re here to help guide you along every step of the process. We hope this guide serves to ease your mind and provide you with all the right answers as you embark down the journey of going solar.  

Black & Veatch launched the Solarhood team to help individuals install solar panels on roofs across the country. We have experience helping organizations deploy hundreds or even thousands of sites across the country. Although this guide is targeted to leaders and employees at mid- to large-size companies, if you’re a small business owner, a lot of this information can also apply to you!  

How can you use this guide?

If you’ve had solar on your mind and are ready to go solar, but don’t quite know what sites to select, how to optimize for quickest return, and how to deploy nationwide, use this guide to answer those big questions.  

Share this with colleagues or leaders within your company who may be on the fence when it comes to renewables. 

Refer back to this guide again and again through each step of the solar journey just to make sure you’re on the right path.  

What services can Black & Veatch and Solarhood offer to my business?  

Well we’re glad you asked! You can focus on your core business and leave sustainable energy development and management to us. Our customized approach ensures you get a program that buys and uses power in the most efficient way possible for your business’ needs.  

Plus, as an initiative of Black & Veatch, you can rest assured knowing we are subject area experts in renewable energy and up-to-date on the newest engineering technology (not to mention the reputation of a 100 + year old company behind us.) 

So what does the Solarhood process look like? 

First off, we take a holistic approach to project development and have experts in all phases from development, design, financing, construction and asset management.  

We will meet with you to discuss your goals, sites/locations and any site-specific considerations. Our team can provide custom screening of your assets and create possible scenarios for implementation.

If you are ready for solar, but need help planning and/or funding it:

Black & Veatch’s subsidiary, Diode Ventures, provides Energy as a Service to allow our clients to take advantage of a lease or Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) to finance the solar asset at cost-competitive price. 

If your plan is to add solar to multiple sites all at once:

Our team can provide a one-stop solution from analyzing sites and financing, to leveraging standardized design and bulk procurement across multiple locations. Black & Veatch can provide end-to-end service for asset development including financing, design, procurement, construction, and asset management services.  

Stay tuned for new sections of the Field Guide to Commercial Solar every few weeks here on the Solarhood blog. An e-book with special content will be launched summer 2019.

Want to learn more about solar for your business?